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You can finish Kasie West books in a few hours, but, Love Life and the List took nearly six months.

I don’t know what happens.

I was reading the Kasie West book back to back, and then suddenly, I stopped reading her.

So, now I have finished the book, let’s look what it was about.

As you might know, Kasie West is a rom-com fiction writer, with a simple story with no complications.

Love Life and the List also follow the same suit.

Boy and girl like each other, but one of them is afraid to confess. There is some background trouble going on, that only exist to create some tension in the story.

However, nothing matters, as everyone is happy in the end, everyone is happy, and it is a prom-kinda ending.

Love Life and the List quotes by Kasie West

Love Life and the List by Kasie West

It is summer vacation, and Abby Turner wants to get her art into the art gallery.

Now, this is what I want to talk about, but later in the review.

She shows some of the paintings to the Art-Doctor or someone who manages the display for the significant art function.

The man said that her art does not have a heart. It is still a childish hobby.

So, Abby, as most teenagers will do, creates a list to do things that will help her grow as a person. The aim was to become mature fast and does a painting that she can display at this art gallery.

But the process was too lame. The list was too lame.

What was on the List?

The list contains the tasks that any teenager might already have done if they have lived a normal life.

Like watching the sunrise.

Is there a teenager who has not watched the sunrise?

What about all-night parties and all-night studies?

Don’t the student stay up till the sunrise?

So, whatever might be the reason, turns out, Abby and his friends, who are living on the beach for so long that he claims he was born at the beach, have never seen a sunrise.

Other things on the list were also mediocre.

Like trying something new.

Everyone has tried something new. That’s how we do things.

Doing something you are afraid of. This makes sense.

But there are so much a 17-year-old kid would be afraid of like tearing down your high-school diploma.

Then the final was falling in love.

Because ultimately, love is what makes you wise.

The old rule, of course: the broken heart is the wisest of all.

So she does all of these things, and manage to get into the gallery. But then get angry because her mom and grandpa do not come to see her painting.

Here I realize that the Art-Doctor was right.

Mature artists don’t care whether there loved ones are coming to see their painting. They just need to do that art thing.

Love Story !!

Kasie West writes a love story. That’s all.

The two friends, love, fight, jealousy, love, and a good ending.

If you have read a few love stories, or have watched rom-com movies, you will know the love story in Love Life and the List.

I find this amazing review of Love Life and the List on GoodReads:

kasie west book review

Abandon Plotlines

This is the first time I notice this, but Kasie West does abandon plot lines.

It is so amazing that Kasie could drop a character in the middle of their arc, and then move on without a care in the world.

I am going to read her book more.

Mother has agoraphobia, and that plot is covered by that she is ready to go to shrink.

I don’t know or remember what happened to Cooper’s girlfriend. Do they break up?

Does the tree-man save the tree? No clue.

Final Question: Should the work and hobby align?

Abby works in the Art gallery. She is a painter.

Is it a good idea to work in such a place?

A hobby is for fun, and when you add the “obligatory” and “compulsory” function of jobs into a fun activity, it always gets boring.

Like you start losing interest in gaming when you start doing it for money.

Or you don’t find the eating that much fun once you see how they prepare the food.

Though it could go in both directions.

You may start enjoying your work if you enjoy the hobby too much.

I guess it depends on what side is massive.

If you enjoy the hobby too much, then it can make the work fun. But if the work is too dull, it will even kill the fun from the hobby.

love life and the list quotes

I recommend the book.

This is nothing unusual in the book. Love Life and the List is a simple love story.

You should read it if you want to learn something for fun and nothing serious.

I like reading Kasie West, I guess. She is the new Morpurgo for me.

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