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To put blatantly, Lolita by Rubina Ramesh is a story of an actress, who deliberately sell her body to gain stardom. And justify it with the thought that what she did is for to achieve her dream.

The dream a producer has shown her.

The girl was pretty, no doubt, but she never intended to be an actor.

But a producer, Sandy, tells her that she may become an actor because she is pretty, and then it becomes her dream in a minute.

She left her family, their traditions, her culture and her city.

It reminds me of the Friends Episode: The One with The Lottery.

🙂 🙂  🙂

Little Bit Story of Lolita

Well, a popular actress hiding at Panchgani, at her lover/producer, Sandy’s house. 

Through a cliche accident, she met Advait. Diva gets attracted to Advait, and vice versa, but they play against their feeling, while there is no strong motivation to do that.

Advait is like, “Don’t come near to my daughter.”

Lolita is like, “Yeah, I will, because I am a wannabe pain in the ass.”

And still, hero walk her to the house and she kissed him in front of media. (What kind of hiding it is ?)

I am not going to tell the story of Lolita by Rubina Ramesh, it’s simply the tug of the emotion of the characters, they want to be together, but don’t because of their shitty excuses.  😐 

Silly Mistakes

There are lots of silly things in Lolita by Rubina Ramesh. 

I made some nites, but then I lost the interest as usual, and just finished the book instead.

She had never witnessed a death before and she was petrified.

Will it make easy it she has seen it before? I mean, you don’t see an unconscious man and think, I have never seen a body before so I must panic.

“Ok, you lecher, let’s finish it off now and here. What exactly do you want from me so as not to go to the police and report my involvement?”

Did not he already told the police it was a dog ?.. this is so idiotic.. there is absolutely no Motivation for her to come to his house… This is a headache.

In the meantime, the police had arrived and formed a barricade in front of them. Someone must have called the police and Advait thanked that person in his mind, whoever it was.

What ???? Just bring the police and call someone may have called the police.

And then Advait start questioning Lolita. A few minutes ago he was throwing her out of his house.

Why the hell Advait asking about Lolita and Sandy. Why the hell he cares. Just leave her house and go to your daughter.

They have parks and farmhouses. Making big at an early age. And earning a lot.. but nahi.. they don’t have watchmen or guards. No one is at their door to open doors, so anyone can come to their house and talks to their kids.

How old Simone is ??? Is she 5 or 6 or 9-10. She played with dolls. It is mentioned somewhere that Pari died 10 years ago. So she must be 10. 

“Anyway,” Sandy quipped, “Why are we speaking about him?” and then his eyes widened.

“Oh my! Is he the one, the fiancé people are talking about?

doesn’t he know gossip… Dude.. in what universe character is living… This was the news, media channel was there. And lover/producer don’t know this.

Why justifying Lolita Choices?

At every corner of the story, the story tries to justify the choices the Lolita makes. It is like it is the world’s fault that does not understand her.

Lolita was not scared of the dark, the wilderness. Her main fear was humans.

Yeah but she eats humans.. and use them and all. Both metaphors clashed. She is shown as the tigress, the bad girl, the ultimate badass diva, but then for the sake of sympathy, there are dialogues like this.

As Lolita parted with her virginity, she knew one thing: she was a great actress who could even fake an orgasm.

Faking an orgasm when losing virginity… did she know what is orgasm, she was doing sex first time. and also you don’t need to be a great actress to fake orgasm…

A simple internet research is enough to know if the director is married or not.. and that he said himself to Google him to know if he is fraud… But Lolita never googles, and just blame everyone around her for not telling her Sandy is married.

You don’t look like someone who smokes so I didn’t offer you one.

Lolita said this… Then this

“Well, guys are so quick to make assumptions about women even without knowing them,” she threw his words back at him with a grin.

She herself makes an assumption and throws this at Advait.

Asking permission during sex

It is advisable to ask before doing it. But when both adult characters are doing it, with permission, and then Hero asked after each kiss that if he should continue, it feels weird.

It’s imposing that male person should ask the female a lot during intercourse.

And then we see classical counterparts, when Lolita goes inside Advait house, without any permission.

After clear No from Advait, she still hangs there and even touched him.

It is clearly a breach of privacy. And calling him her fiance in front of media. Without his permission.

But Advait has to ask if he should continue, 3-4 times while doing it. So a female character can show that what it is to be treated well.

Lolita by Rubina Ramesh goes more towards the feminism instead of character traits.

Lolita does not grow because of this, she thinks whatever she is doing is right.

Advait, Sandy and Lolita

In these three characters, Sandy turns out to be the most mature and best written.

Technically, Sandy, Advait and Lolita, they leave their family for something else.

Sandy do it for Lolita, a young body to play with, lose nothing, but gain a lot.

Adavit does it for money, business work, lose his wife and daughter’s voice. But get everything back, a pretty wife, and daughter’s voice.

Lolita does it to hurt her family because they want her to marry, Lolita does not have any plans, so she thinks, “let’s become an actress”. She loses her family for some time, and get everything in the end.

The question is what they learn in the journey.

In the end, it comes out they learned nothing.

Lolita wants to do the movies, and Advait is ready for it. She still will be leaving her family for the sake of work.

Advait never stops Lolita from working or ask her, and in a way he let Lolita go away, again for the work. This time his love is working, not him. 

Best Erotic Scene

The book has some heavy romantic scenes.

They are good. They all are good. 

lolita by Rubina Ramesh may not have nice character growth, but the chemistry during hot scenes, the characters nailed it.

Lolita by Rubina Ramesh Final Words

Frankly speaking, I liked the book while reading.

The story is not great, but readable. 

The thing is, after finishing the book, all the stupidity Lolita did makes you angry.

And you don’t like the way Advait handle it. He should have thrown her out of the house the first day. 

Give it a pin, if you like.

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Book Summary

Lolita by Rubina Ramesh is a story of actress who left everything behind, and when success come, she finds herself alone.


Author: Rubina Ramesh

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  1. hahahah.. Thank you, Faizan. You have really analyzed my book. I am honored. Good or bad, I respect all reviews. You liked something about my book and I am glad. One question. You have reviewed my book so beautifully on your site so why have you put up such a crap review with full of errors on Amazon? I was going to promote that and thankfully landed up on your site. In the recent years, very few reviewers give such detailed review. I should feel angry (maybe) but a man liking something in my book, makes me feel proud. I will not give any explanation as to why I write what I write and why I am will write this kind of characters in the future. ? But I am glad I have readers like you around me. Once again, heartfelt thanks for your review. Will treassure this one.

    • Faizan says:

      I left the review on Amazon just after finishing the book.. when I read on Kindle, it asks for review after a sec you finished the book..
      I post the review on my blog a day later.. by collecting all the thoughts, and good and bad of the book. ?
      That’s why Amazon reviews look likes a mess..
      I will edit it and make it more organized.. ?
      Thank you for not giving explanation.. many authors defend their work.. and don’t understand that a reader not liking a character of books does not mean their book is bad..
      Thanks for reading my review..
      (I like writing long review, because I make notes while readig)

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