Lights Scalpel Romance by Jas Kohli

Lights Scalpel Romance is a light-heart romantic comedy book. It revolves around Doctors and Hospital.

Jas Kohli is itself a Doctor. I can’t say how much in this book is inspired by real-life events and how much is fiction. But who cares, fiction and life can go hand in hand.

Lights Scalpel Romance Jas Kohli Book Review

Lack of Plot

Jas Kohli manages to hide the lack of the plot with the subtle humor.

Humor that originates not from the structure of the story, but from the quirky dialogues and writing.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with writing a story with no plot.

Currently, I am reading Emotionally Weird by Kate Atkinson. Emotionally Weird, too, have no plot, but Kate Atkinson has a weird sense of humor. It shows in her books.

Jas Kohli, on the other side, does not do weird comedy.

Kate Atkinson’s Quotes Posts:

How He makes the Plotless book Work?

Lights Scalpel Romance by Jas Kohli moves with characters, but drama originates due to the place.

The blurb is the worst part of the book, after the cover. As it suggest that story is about Nipun and Nistha. It is not.

The story is about Dr. Anuroop’s Department.

Jas Kohli set up the character pretty well. He takes the easiest approach and introduced the character first hand, with direct telling to the reader.

Then he used all the characteristics he established of the characters, to react to a drama. The drama happens because of the setting. The setting of the Hospital will always be a good drama provider.

Now everything sets. A dramatic place. Few Quirky characters. Young boy and young girls.

All of the element weaves a lovely story. But the charm is not in the story.

It is in telling.

Jas Kohli tells it with excitement.

Every page, every sentence of Lights Scalpel Romance is filled with excited energy. The story is rushing. Moving, never halting.

There are few cases that begin and ends on the same page.

Even when the characters are depressed or angry, the writing was not down.

Subverting the Expectation

This made me angry. In the end, the book was gonna finished, and I was unable to see the relation of Nishtha and Nipun going anywhere.

I was sure that some weak plot twist will happen, and Nishtha and Nipun would end together.

Jas Kohli throws all the expectations into the garbage can.

The Hero-Heroine does not end up together. But Hero ends with the second character, and the Heroine ends with some stranger we don’t know.

Either the author has done this with intention. It might be possible that the author finds it hard to bend the hero towards the heroine at the last moment. So he ended it that way and packed up.

Whatever the case, this made me angry.

Because the whole book was cliche, and in the end, we get that twist. It is not fair.

But okay. Someone told me life is not fair.

lights scalpel romance quotes

Hiding in Plain Sight

There are various serious issues. Jas Kohli hides them in the book behind the comedy.

The nature of Nipun and Anuroop characters is to hide by showing.

They exaggerate, act loudly, and do things with much voice. In the middle of these two characters, authors hide the issues.

The May-December relationships are still not much acceptable in Indian society. The Doctor is God, and when God can’t save lives, people beat up God.

Girls friend-zoning a boy thinking that she will get him whenever she calls. How a dry spell makes the person grumpy.

All that hiding and you realize it all when you think about the book.

Lights Scalpel Romance by Jas Kohli

It is a simple comedy. Try it.

There is no sad ending, and the characters are lovable.

The book helped me in passing the time in Metro for three days. So that is nearly 4 hours.

The thing is I did not get the pang when I finished the book and put it in the bag.

TBH cover could have been better.

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Book Summary
Lights Scalpel Romance

Lights Scalpel Romance by Jas Kohli is full of entertainment, with comic twist and turns. Rich with hilarious language, it is a good light read.


Author: Jas Kohli

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