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Keep Him Close by Emily Koch is a fast-paced novel that avoids various cliches. The biggest cliche it dismantles is the unreasonable thinking of grieving parents. You may wonder why mothers are coming across as thoughtful despite their dead or imprisoned sons.

Frankly, I was distressed when I saw the double  40+ female PoV. I was already thinking of giving up because I knew it would be a tiring victimization rant full of immigration issues, failed marriages, and the struggle of a single mother, and I was not in the mood.

Somehow, it does exactly that, but the ranting and whining part was missing, which makes this book enjoyable.

Keep Him Close summary

There are two mothers. One mother’s son dies, and the other one’s was accused. They all were friends: dead, accused, dead’s brother, and a few more boys. It was just a stupid fight that escalated. But no one killed anyone — that is the spoiler of how it happened.

But you will probably guess how it happens because the book is not that unpredictable. From the first few chapters, you can understand what happened and who is protecting whom. However, the last chapter gives an accurate picture—as all crime thrillers do.

keep him close emily koch

The mother whose son dies works in a library, and the mother whose son is accused comes to the library to use the computer. The dead mother becomes the friend of the accused to search for what actually happened. The accused one does not know but finds out later. She feels cheated but soon realizes that her dead mother is a good person. They both asked the brother of the dead to tell the truth, and all of them together save the falsely accused son.

In the end, the accused mother was seen consolidating and helping the grieving mother — which is, surprisingly, a warming scene.

Cold people

People grieve in a very different manner. They don’t cry, yell, or look sad. They function normally. In the book, the mother is one of those people. But as a mother, you expect her to be emotional and devastated by the death of her son.

Even her other son accuses her of being non-emotional and non-sad about her son’s death. She responded that she was grieving in her way. She does not even want to go to a funeral, which might look so cold & distant.

This is the USP because the book does it right. Many other books make the female a caricature of a strong, independent woman who feels showing emotion is a sign of weakness. Keep Him Close goes through a similar phase, but the book provides enough context and setting to make the characters likable and understandable.

Do I recommend Keep Him Close by Emily Koch?

Yes. It is fast-paced and does not unnecessarily pull you into drama. The characters are not unrealistically bewildered and make sound decisions.

Book Summary
Keep Him Close

Keep Him Close by Emily Koch is a story of two mothers -- trying to find out what happen that night with their sons.


Author: Emily Koch

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