Just Fly Away by Andrew McCarthy | Book Review

I want to give Just Fly Away one star but that will be a little harsh as Andrew McCarthy is not a young adult fiction writer.

And he also manages to show the immaturity of kids of that age.

That is an only plus point of this Andrew McCarthy book.

I am not saying that Just Fly Away is not good, but this book was not for me.

If I read it ten years ago, may be I would have liked it.

For now, it is stupid.

Just Fly Away by Andre McCarthy

When fifteen-year-old Lucy Willows discovers that her father has a child from a brief affair, an eight-year-old boy named Thomas who lives in her own suburban New Jersey town, she begins to question everything she thinks she knows about her family and her life.

Lucy can’t believe her father betrayed the whole family, or that her mother forgave him, or that her sister isn’t rocked by the news the way Lucy is.

Worse, Lucy’s father’s secret is now her own, one that isolates her from her friends, family, and even her boyfriend, Simon, the one person she expected would truly understand.

When Lucy escapes to Maine, the home of her mysteriously estranged grandfather, she finally begins to get to the bottom of her family’s secrets and lies.

Just Fly Away Book Review

First of all fifteen-year-old Lucy Willows does not discover anything.

She overhear when her mother and father were talking. Not only that but her father clearly made Lucy and her sister sit and then tell them about Thomas.

Lucy does not question everything.

Absolutely not she is any different from any Fifeteen-Year-Old Girl.

She just becomes more annoying, more irritating and insufferable.

Good, the book is short or else I would leave the book unfinished as Lucy’s character to remind me so much of that age time. She does not listen to anyone.

She could have learned something from her sister who was dealing with it in a lot better way.

Irrational Lucy

Her father’s secret does not isolate her from anyone, nor she has the boyfriend at the starting of the book.

She met the Simon after nearly half book. Behaving idiotically, and that is why she choose a new friend because the old one was acting rationally.

However she was thinking that she is going to just fly away, or her dad is going to just fly away from her. 

Is that why the title of the Andre McCarthy book is JUST FLY AWAY, huh…

The typical story moves fast, without giving enough words to get into the story.

At some moment, a reader starts to get attached, the settings change suddenly. Father tell their kids that he has one more kid living in the same town, teenage daughter thinks that it is the darkest secret one can have and start acting wretched.

Last but not the least,,,

When a Fifteen Year Old Lucy think she has a connection with Simon,

When Lucy thinks she has found the love  at the age of fifteen. Go with Me Before You and After You for love story, which is not, technically a love story.

Just Fly Away with the book

A short read, you can enjoy it if you like annoying teenagers and irritating love.


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