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It Happens by Karan Sharma is another crap I read.

Not a college romance, no problem, it is an office romance. With same difficulties. 

I am not going to write a long review, as I have good books to read, but I must write as much as other readers get spare from this book.

May December Relationship

So it is not the first book dealing with May December Relationships that I have read.

I have read another crap too, goes by the name A May December Relationship. 

This May December relation is those relations where there is a huge gap between two partners and still, they are or want to be romantically involved.

In this book, Gautam falls in love with his boss, a thirty-seven-year-old virgin. They both fall in love.

Trouble in Paradise

Gautam planned to propose Roshini, but at the last moment, he panicked. 

So, like happen in every other Hindi movie, the hero has to kiss another girl to realize, with whom you want to spend his life.

On the other hand, when Roshini got the cold feet, she just has to reach the marriage hall at the last moment to make everything sweet. 

My Problem

They both think there will be problems in their marriage. But does not happen. Roshini got no one, and Gautam’ parents accept without protest.

What about the relatives?

The relative does not protest. They should. We are in India. 

What the hell Payal liked in Gautam.

He was not any form of charming, no characteristics, as I have not read any. 

What I read was he and Payal, did some excellent presentation that makes the bank a sum of money. 

But I don’t even know the organization name. 

No details, no description, a fast-paced book with a Bollywood story in mind.

Added the age gap thing to make this story interesting. Remove the age gap, and add the rich-poor thing, and it will not affect the book an ounce.

Writing, what should I say, look yourself :

She moved forward, Gautam responded, and they kissed passionately without inhibitions. It was a picture-perfect moment for the young couple and all it needed was a beautiful Bollywood number, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Love Happens), playing in the background.

This is scene-making.

You know you are not reading a good book when you reading words like gladder, kidded, and very, continuously. 

Can you be “literally in shock” after hearing a bad news?  Like literally, because Rohit does.


Hard work makes you look ugly, but in the case of Roshini, she becomes pretty.

Well, there are more to say, but naaaah…

Do I Recommend It Happens by Karan Sharma

I suggest you not to read It Happens book.

Or else read, don’t go with my judgment. 

Waste your time. I am not leaving Amazon link.

It Happens

It Happens by Karan Sharma is a debut book of Karan Sharma. The story talks about the relationship with a huge age difference.


Author: Karan Sharma

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