If You Could See Me Now By Cecelia Ahern – Unique Fairy Tale

After reading the Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern, I did not know why I picked it up. Maybe I wanted to another chance to Cecelia Ahern, as she is a big name, and it will stupid to stop reading her book after one bad book experience.

If You Could See Me Now helped a lot in improving her image for me.

Both Lyrebird and If You Could See Me Now is lengthy. It is not that I don’t mind big books. But the substance that makes the book huge is not good, it makes it very hard to read.

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern do the same at various places. But the narration voice is soothing that you don’t get bored. Instead you pan-read the part and enjoy the book.

It is one of those book that you can enjoy panning because of the prose.

The Imagination of the Book


If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern is not some original story, but surely have a unique spin on it.

As many Indie Author’s stories, the book do have strong independent woman, who is closed and push everyone away.

Our Elizabeth (such ancient name), who is not a damsel in distress, but not far from it. She is financially and socially, okay, it’s her romantic and personal life that is in storm. But she is not complaining, at least not loud.

Then enters the Ivan – a perfect Romance Hero. He is happy, smiley, and adorable person. 

But there is this twist. Not a spoiler.

Ivan is imagination of her nephew.

Elizabeth also start seeing him.

It is a story of female leaning to smile from a man only she can see. She believe in him, so she become what she always wanted to be. A happy person.

The Reality of It

I have read few books about female protagonists running away. 

Like Paper Towns and The Slow Train To Milan, but most of the books show the free spirit of females running away as an adventure. The books talks about the consequences suffered by the one they left behind.

Summer Sister by Judy Blume talks a little about it, but If You Could See Me Now show you the results of the mother’s running away.

Elizabeth’s mother was a wanderer, and one day she vanished. All the responsibility were on the Elizabeth then. To care about her sister, and to care about the son of her sister.

She do it with utmost love, and in doing so, she sacrificed everything. From her job to her love.

It is bit ironic yet lovely to see that Elizabeth looks like her mother and she was also a wanderer, but when the home called her, she left it all for it. While her sister, leave all of it for her adventure.

In a way she becomes the mother of Luke, and she never had the mother herself. Her sister Saorise is as free as her mother. 

And here the circle turns, by becoming the mother of Luke, the mother Elizabeth never had, she get the love she desperately wanted through Luke.

Ivan was Luke’s imaginary friend. 

And Saorise can also see him. Luke wanted to help both of her, in a way, but only Elizabeth stick around to get help.

It’s so lovely to think in this way.

How life make full circle to help you?

Cecelia Ahern Quotes

I think I wished for you all of my life.

The book tells people to be happy. It is the lesson the book serve at its core.

But the book itself has sad ending. And I don’t know what to say about it.

We know the friend is an imagine one, so we know what going to happen, but when it happens, it still feel gloomy over it.

The bitter taste of ending is not that much as the sweetness of the whole story. One may find the book a little bit to sweet, but I find it absolutely amazing.

May be a little bit hard editing could have done the amazing job, as it is more than it need to be.

Less is More.

Magical Journey

One thing is clear to me now. 

Cecelia Ahern deals in magic. In Lyrebird, the woman was quite magical, and in here, there is whole world of fantasy hiding behind the Ivan.

There are lots of scope to explore it, but as I say, that does not need to be done, as it is perfect as it is.

It was a tough subject, and in matter of time could have become a topic of laughter, but Cecelia has written it well. She saved it from becoming some childish story, and do justice with the Irish Fairy Tales.

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If You Could See Me Now Quotes






If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

Do Read this book. 

It may not be for everyone, but if you start enjoying it, you may get the idea how Cecelia Ahern write.

So for me, it is a great deal.

I really want to read Cecelia Ahern.

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