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Find Her First by Emma Christie is a story with a discussion on assisted deaths and suicides. If the person is tired of their life, would you let them die? What if you are a paramedic and have taken the oath to save people? Would you be against everything you believe?

Emma Christie takes two cases and weaves a story that makes you think.

The suicide rules are weird around the world. In only a few countries, you are allowed to take your life legally. I first encountered the topic in the book Me Before You. Will Traynor is quadriplegic and wishes to die. But her mother adds a girl to the equation to enable his will to live.

find her first emma christie

In Find Her First, the case is a little different. Steph and Andy are in love. When an inspector finds Steph’s ID card in Alex’s (murderer’s) house, she tries to find out Steph’s location for safety, but Andy says she is in a retreat at some art place. Andy shows different things to the reader and different to the police, which makes him an unreliable narrator.

Betty, their cleaner, finds Steph’s phone in the house and droplets of blood, which heightens the suspense about what happened to Steph. On the other hand, Alyson, Steph’s sister, is acting weird. Andy shares a small kiss with Vicky, the paramedic colleague.

Betty’s brother is a murderer who tries to kill himself to prevent himself from killing anyone. But Steph and Vicky saved him, and that’s how Steph and Alex are connected.

Now, the question arises.

Were they right in saving Alex’s life because he went on to kill an old lady? He wanted to kill himself because he knew he would not be able to control his demons. He blamed Betty for calling the ambulance, and Betty also blamed herself for the death of the old lady.

Betty also goes around throwing lucky pennies because she feels she is bad luck. She believes she owes it to Steph for saving her from whatever is happening.

Then, there is a local artist who is doing experiments with blood and semen to gain the attention of the art community. He gets it.

Find Her First is a small book that explores big questions. The writing is on point, but sometimes, all these gender-neutral names—Sandy, Andy, Vicky—become difficult. You do not understand which one is who.

The end is sad, but you understand why it has to be this way. You may disagree with the character’s actions, but that is what the story is trying to ask: Is it right or wrong?

Do I recommend Find Her First?

Yes, I do. It’s a great and fast-paced read that will keep you on the edge. You will change sides in the book a few times. The helplessness, though, could be triggering.

Book Summary
Find Her First

Find her First is a story that discusses assisted suicides and when should you let the person choose their way to go.

Author: Emma Christie

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