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Completed Cold Truth by Nikhil Pradhan a few hours back, and the started The people vs. Alex cross by Patterson immediately.

After reading a few chapters of The People vs. Alex Cross, I thought of writing my thoughts of Cold Truth.

The book is easily forgettable, and my memory is not my best asset tbh.

Cold Truth by Nikhil Pradhan is a book that starts from a journalist that is investigating the missing girls in Delhi to the person finding one girl in Antarctica.

The book theme is bipolar, as far as I see.

It begins scientific and then turned to paranormal and alien concepts.

The writer mentioned in the acknowledgment that he has taken a long time to write this book. I can understand why the book has such different directions.

My mood heavily dictates my writing, and my mood is time-dependent. So when I write something long that takes a long time, the writing changes its style.

Sometimes it is fast and direct; sometimes, it is exploratory and descriptive.

The writer has gone through the same. He has taken years to write the book, and I guess that’s why the story variates in the middle.

But he is a Stephen King fan, so I guess I should have expected this.

Though I can perceive the change in story vibe.

I am 100% sure the writer does not intend that ending when he wrote the book. Indeed, the defense could be make that ending is typically not decided beforehand.

However, I am talking about the style the story ends.

Not for a moment in the book, I thought the book is going alien parasite way.

But okay.

I did not enjoy the ending, but the overall book was good.

Nikhil Pradhan understand the Slang

For one thing, I want to congratulate the author is his understanding of modern Internet slangs.

Currently, Alex cross book I am reading, dude, James Patterson seriously does not know what he is talking about when he is writing about the dark web.

Though Nikhil Pradhan understands the concept, as he is in content marketing (same profession as I) sometimes, those words feel comic.

The ‘circlejerk’ word is not used in that way – or maybe these technical slangs change so quickly that one cannot simply use them in literature without coming as outdated.

However, it is much better than many authors trying to explain search engine optimization, chats, forums, 4chan, etc.

Story now

Well, in the review, I should discuss the story of Cold Truth.

The story promise there will be a search for a girl. And I thought, well, it will be a dive into the corrupt police department and how their stupidity and morality cost a girl her life.

But there is more.

In the story, there is a writer who is writing an investigation the case of missing girls. She asked for help from an anonymous police person, and she got the Abhay in return.

Abhay is connected to all this very tightly, but he doesn’t know this.

From Mexico to America to Antarctica, the story exposed the entire ring of cloning and bio-weapon.

That’s why I doubt the writer’s capability to complete the story. Did he planned this or wrote whatever the bs comes into his mind one night before the deadline.

He was planning it to be miracle lifesaver drugs, then it was bioweapon, and in the end, alien parasite.

Then there was that foolish ending.

It was established in the book that the virus/bacteria/parasite is inert at low temperatures. The bacteria love the warmth.

So how they kill it.

By burning it????

I don’t understand how that works out.

All the leads were so gullible, and exposing such a high-voltage ring seems so simple. A girl sitting on a laptop does it.

The plot has given too much help, and the murphy’s law has not been followed at all.


Besides Stephen King, I guess Nikhil Pradhan might have read Lovecraft too.

The storytelling via news reports, interviews, and recordings is not like inventing the wheel, but I always find it challenging to write in that structure.

I mean, I can never tell stories in such a format. Even reading this drains more energy for me.

On the second page of the second part of the book, there is a quote from Frankenstein Monster:

There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.

But then there are no quotes on the second or third part page.

Storytelling is not the only bravest thing in the book, though.

Do I recommend Cold Truth by Nikhil Pradhan?

Yes, sure, why not.

This is an excellent fast-paced book that takes unpredictable directions.

The book does not take itself seriously at all, and you should not too. Just read it and forget.

Book Summary

Cold Truth

Completed Cold Truth by Nikhil Pradhan a few hours back, and the started The people vs. Alex cross by Patterson immediately.


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