Beyond the Goal | The Biography of Baichung Bhutia | Review

As well we all know, India is not a sports nation, nor we care about other sports except Cricket.

I never heard about Baichung Bhutia, but he is the only name known to me from Indian football.

So when I saw it at the shop, I immediately brought it.

Sadly, I did not learn much about Baichung Bhutia.

The book is not a good biography I guess. It’s too much filtered down.

Less of Baichung Bhutia

This is a major drawback of this book.

Focus is constantly changing from Baichung to Indian shitty sports management. It seems that author tried to tell about Bhutia but he is unable to tell the story without raving about the system.

Then it also lacks continuity.

You never enter into the timeline. The writer made it so complicated.

Research is less. Biography requires lots of research.

And if there is research, it never came alive.

Interviews and quotes from teachers, coaches and relatives. That is all.

Where was his personal life ?

He is a football player, but he is not only a football player.

There are other aspects of his life.

That must be shown.

beyond the goal Quotes baichung bhutia

Writing Way

Writer throw ball from here to there, touch some sensitive issue, lay them there, move ahead without satisfying the need of complete knowledge.

Boringly written.

Never I thought that a biography would be so boring.

A book that can make you sleep.

Bad editing. What kind of chapter division is it?

Main chapter I understand, then chapter under chapter do not make sense.

But of course you get to know the face of Indian football, more than you will get from the Internet.

I do not hate Baichung but it really put the Baichung in the negative light. It also accuses many coaches and never clear fog.

If you ask me, read it, but it is not a good biography.

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