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All the bright places is a type of book which can be liked only at a certain time.

Every book has its time, you know, sometimes you might be reading the best book of the time and you will not like it. And then you will read a book with lots of bad reviews and you will like it.

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Template of Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places have every element that I hate and stand against in Y/A fiction genre. The type of stories I hate,

  • quirky characters for the sake of quirks
  • popular protagonist hating their life
  • feeling complete when meet
  • save each other by talking in “QUOTES”
  • doing sex under the stars
  • Then one of them dying.

The book look influenced by The Fault in Our Stars. But instead of cancer, All the Bright Places have a traumatic girl and a suicidal boy.

The boy supposed to be suffering from a mental illness, he calls it SLEEP. What this sleep is I think is Depression Attack or a Maniac Attack of Bipolar Disorder.

The girl is the one that gets saved in the accident in which her sister died.

Why liking Jennifer Niven

I cannot tell you why I liked All the Bright Places. The book is about bi-polar, and I like books on this topic. This might be one of my favorite topic in literature.

Bi-Polar is a Mental Illness, in which a person’s mood deflects at extremities. He is depressed and doing suicides attempt. He is laying there for 5 days with no interaction with anyone.

Then, the mood shifts, and he will be doing multitask at the same time. He starts behaving like a maniac, doing things with more energy and passion.

Where it Went

Like all the stories like this, it starts with the sad characters. A popular girl, Violet, and a popular for negative reason boy, Finch. Both meet at the ledge of school, thinking of jumping

Finch enters into her life rudely and with force. But of course that is romantic,, huh?

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven Book Review

He makes her his partner in a project. Violet, easily dropped the nice guy (she said that) and take off with the POPULAR BAD BOY of school.

The journey begins.

While they were roaming around the city, doing their project, the bond between them developed.

The duration of Sleep

Slowly, Violet come out of her grief. But Finch is mentally ill, he cannot come out of it, so he decides to leave everyone when an attack comes.

BTW, we do not know how it comes. Jennifer Niven throws Finch’s point of view chapters out of the book when that happens. I hated that.

It is a weakness.

You are building that thing from the first chapter and then when it comes we did not get the chance of looking at it. Maybe the Jennifer does not know how that look.

The thing I realize is, that it's not what you take, it's what you leave. #AllTheBrightPlaces Click To Tweet

Clues to follow

In his SLEEP state, Finch goes to various locations in the city. He left symbols that only Violet can understand. But, to be honest, I did not understand the motive of those.

What he is implying to tell. He could have called, but instead, he ran around the city.

It is like Augustus Water leaving the letter behind. I wish I could have his PoV. But no, neither John Green nor Jennifer Niven does that.

Quotes by Jennifer Niven

The element to make this type of success is quotes. The quotes for Tumblr people, to use in dramatic gif are enough in the books.

If they are not enough the characters talk in Virginia Woolf voice, they quote her many times in the book while talking.

So, in a way book hooks you, because it is interesting.

Everyone loves sad one-liner. As the Zakir Bhai has sad, we are the generation of broken people and broken hearts. So it easy to manipulate us by writing sad words, because we will relate with them.

Some are this :

You have been in every way all that anyone could be.… If anybody could have saved me it would have been you.

You saved my life. Why couldn’t I save yours?

My mouth is an inch from hers, and I wait for her to slap me or push me away, but then she closes her eyes, and that’s when I know—I’m in.

In the END

I will say that this book requires a certain frame of time, if you are not in that time zone, you will find it utterly idiotic.

So read on your own risk.

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