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I bought All Fall Down from the Harper Collins Garage Sale.

I have read Go Ask Alice of Beatrice Spark, and I liked it a lot. Then there was the Out of Reach by Carrie Arcos.

Also, drug addiction issue is not a thing that I am not aware of. When I see this book is about women getting pill addiction, I decided to give it a go.

That’s how All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner falls with me…

It is not the first book I read of the writer with the name of Jennifer, just few week away I was reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Let me be clear, this is the review of All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner, not Ally Carter

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

This is my first book of Jennifer Weiner, I don’t have much knowledge of her previous work. But I know that her books, Good in Bed, and In Her Shoes, are quite popular.

Talking of All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner, the book tells what the synopsis suggests.

This is a quality I like in books. I hate when back cover lies.

That happens often with me.

So, the pace of the book is not that slow. But sometimes the story becomes boring.

In last few chapters, you think that why this book is not finished yet…

Slow Pace

I like the slow pace, and Behind the Scenes and Susan Fletcher is my favourite kind of author, but this book is slow and lacks the responsibility that comes with the slow pace.

All Fall Down Quotes

The book is focused on the protagonist and never ever glimpsed into the life of her husband, or her boss, or her daughter. We look all of them from her eyes.

But we never look Allison from their eyes.

The writing is from the first point of view, and that what happened in the first point of views, but you can still tell a lot through dialogues and memories.

The side characters are not developed finely, they all look filler.

I wish I know more about Allison’s husband.

Go Ask Alice

Allison suffers neglected childhood, and that becomes the justification of her drug abuse.

And this I disliked a lot.

I thought that the woman is clean with everything and she is doing drugs because she cannot handle the responsibilities.

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

Why do not people understand that you do not need a shitty childhood to become a drug addict?

Here I remember this quote:

I used to think a drug addict was someone who lived on the far edges of society. Wild-eyed, shaven-headed and living in a filthy squat.
That was until I became one…

You may have everything during upbringing, the unconditional love, the support, and all.. and still, you can

All fall Down to this way…

Is All Fall Down ?

The book is divided into four parts.

The first one shows the hectic life, the second one starts the drugs addiction, the third one is acceptance, the fourth one is the way to crawl back. The second and third one is great…

The fourth one is not that superb.

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

But overall, this was a good read.

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner does show the way human fall for drugs. The way people take one and then two and then three while thinking that it is okay and they can stop, but realize that they cannot stop.

It is their life now.

How people start loving drugs so much that they do not care about their loved ones.

We see the Allison going through all these phases.

We do not sympathize with her because the character is not that likeable.


The language, of course, is prime factor that gives this ordinary story immense read.

I have read sentences worthy to read twice. The words that sound blessed.

One of my favourites is this :

All Fall Down Quotes(1)

This is my take on All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner.

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