Book Review Policy for the Blog

Please don’t send me books more. I have enough, and I do a full time job. I am not able to read the books I like, reading all these review copies. Thanks.

Please Read Book Review Policy

Book Review Policy for Bookaapi

I am going to tell one of the most important things I learned while doing the Internship with the Harper Collins.

A cool person said to me that “You might think that you have gems, but if you will not take them out if you will not show it to others, how will you know that they are worthy of anything.

Or how will people know the value of gems you have.”

I am not saying that you need me, all I am saying that your book needs book reviews to catch the eyes of book readers. I kind of help you there.


Are you an author or publisher looking to get a book reviewed?

If Yes. Continue reading.

What to Send / What not to Send for Book Review

This is important.

Mostly I read every type of books, but certainly like every person, I have my favourites.

  1. Psychological Thriller
  2. Y/A Fiction
  3. Self Help
  4. Coming of Age
  5. Mental Health
  6. Modern Fantasies

Or anything

Except for these.. I will never read these

  1. Christian Mythology

I tried, but it is not for me. Or I am not for them.

2. Philosophy.

Other things to Send

Please send this thing too if possible.

Your social media accounts link. 

  • Facebook Page or Profile
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

It would help me to do Social Media Marketing.

As a thank you, you can always share some of my posts on your social accounts. 🙂


I accept all the formats. 

But E-Pub I prefer. Plese, send E-Pubs if you are sending an E-Book.

About My Book Review

The Review I will write will not be biased by any cause.

If you are young, or this is your first book, it does not matter to me.

Unless if you are one of them.

  1. Cassandra Clare
  2. J. K. Rowling
  3. Kelley York
  4. Carol RIfka Brunt

If you have not made the list, then you will be judged on the basis of your book, not on the basis of your previous books.

Read my Book Reviews: Book Reviewed A-Z

Please Read some of my book reviews, you may not like how I talk about the book I don’t like.

Don’t Get Hurt

I will no take down the review after writing it.

If you are the type of person who likes to defend your work instead of letting your work defend itself, please don’t send your book.

I have more good things to do than proving my opinions.

How to Send

It is easy if you follow the procedure.

STEP 1. Send me a mail, covering all these points.

  • Title & Short Summary/Blurb
  • Cover Image if available.
  • Length (in pages or approx. words).
  • Is your book part of a series? If so, how many books will be in the series?
  • Are you interested in participating in a giveaway or interview?
  • I review honestly. Do you understand and accept that I will give my honest opinion even if I didn’t like your book?

STEP 2. Please wait.

Please wait a little bit, I am a college student, living a busy academic life.

My Payment

I don’t accept money in return for a book review. Don’t offer.

But for my beta reading service, please do check Beta-Reading

Mail and Address


P-55, Street No. 5

Batla House, Jamia Nagar,

Okhla, New Delhi-110025


[email protected]

Thanks For Reading.