How to Get Traffic for Book Blog? Promote like a Pro.

In this post I will answer the most important questions the book bloggers seems to have.

How to get traffic for book blog? What to do to get visitors to your blog?

  • How do the book bloggers get readers to read their content?
  • What is the secret of promoting my content to the audience who will love my blog?

First of all congratulations, you have started your book blog, and you are posting regularly.

If you have no idea what to post except book review, check my list of interesting ideas to write on.

Well, if you’re already writing great posts, but still no one is interested them, maybe it is the time to promoting it.

This post is all about various ways to promote your book blog.

Things to do before Promoting your Book Blog

Before we talk about how to get traffic for book blog, you have to do some things.

Easy but, I think they are necessary. 

Speed up your book blog

Will you visit a site that takes 10-15 seconds to load? 

Or let’s say yes because you are desperate for the information… but will you read other posts on that site…

We, the internet generation, we do not like to wait, as you know.

So, it is good to have fast loading site so the traffic for book blog stays on your blog for a long time.

You can check your blog loading speed on this free tool of Google. Then you can make improvements.

Tips to make your book blog faster than Katniss’s arrow —–>

  • No need for unnecessary widgets.
  • Uploading Images instead of using URL to post them.
  • Never upload Video, always use YouTube link.
  • Write in the same font, don’t change font after every second line.

Good looking Site

Who don’t like pretty things? But What is pretty?

Once a visitor has arrived at your book blog, it is your site beauty that will make him explore more. Yes, of course, content is important, but the person will read the content when he will stay…

Once he will read the content, then he will not care about the looks, if he likes your writing.

But to make him stay long enough to read the articles, your book blog should look awesome.

So, make your blog attractive. 

Tips to make your book blog look cool

  • Clean the sidebar, if there are unnecessary widgets. Cleanliness is itself attractive.
  • If you are on blogger, don’t use the default theme, download any template and install it.
  • Use good quality images, as blurred images can turn off anyone.
  • Write in simple fonts, instead of some designable, as one cannot look at designable font for a long time.

Please Give my Blog Marks out of 10 in terms of prettiness.. and suggestions too. In comments.

Easy to Navigate

There should be simple and easily found option to explore the book blog. By this way, the traffic of your book blog can increase a lot. Once a visitor is at your book blog, don’t let him go.

Tips :

  • Set up the important pages, like, About Me, Privacy Policy, Book Review Policy etc.
  • Categorize your similar post accordingly.
  • Always put a search option.
  • Provide tags.
  • Link one article to another article between the posts.

How to get Traffic for Book Blog?

Now, you have setup your book blog in a way that when people will arrive, they like what they see. They like to know more about you, and they appreciate what you doing. 

There are many ways to promote a blog and increase the traffic. Many are free and many are paid. But I will talk about the free one here.

Let’s roll the dice.

The power of Social Media

Never ever estimate the power of Social Media.

Traffic for Book Blog from Social Media

This is the time of social media generation. Most of the information we obtain is from Facebook and Twitter. Is not it?

There are tons and tons hiding traffic that can be generated through this Social Media. You just to need to know what to do and how to do it?

With one platform at one time, let’s talk in short.

Facebook traffic from Groups and Pages

Make a page for your book blog — > Share the link on your page — > Share the post on your profile — > Share the post on right Groups.

Seems easy. It is.

But sharing the post on right group is necessary.

You cannot post Twilight related post on the Potterhead group. It will be considered as spam.

To post your blog links like that in any group, you need to be active in that group.


  • Target the group with lots of members.
  • Read their posting rule; Observe what kind of content members are sharing.
  • Be active for at least one week. Through comment, posting, poll…
  • Post the link, but that post must be of the field of that group.
  • Write the post, don’t only leave the link, write something in the post section, and then leave the link.
  • Use interesting thumbnail image.

Other Thing you should do:

  • Mention the author if you are doing Book Review. Chances are they will share the post, and you will get the reach to their fanbase.

Like, you write the review of All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, so when you share this on Facebook, mention Jennifer Niven. By chance, if Niven shared it on her page, well, you know how big her following is nowadays.

You can mention, Publication House, and actors, and other bloggers too.

  • Ask your friend to share your post.

Don’t be ashamed of it. You need a push, if 10 of your Facebook friends out of 600 share it, it is a good deal. They are on your friend list, use them. It may not be reached to target audience, but every share counts.

I will talk about Twitter, Instagram and Google+ in a separate post. To get the E-Mail when I release that post, please do subscribe.

YouTube – Best way to earn traffic for Book Blog

You know what modern saying is?

If you want people to recognize you, get on youtube.

Youtube puts you in front of your audience, not your written content. People see your face, movement, your way of talking and presentation skills.

I am not saying you should become a hardcore youtuber. Go with an introductory video or top ten books of yours. Or take your fans to book shopping through the camera.

It is one of the best ways to show yourself and your shelves.

Once the people start liking you, they will gladly visit your book blog.


The biggest community of book readers. Most of the book reviewer is there.

Post snippet of your review and provide a link to your blog post.

Comment Communicate and Contribute

This 3C’s are the backbone of book blogging world. This is the truth, most of the book bloggers get their traffic from other book bloggers.

But they do not check out each other blog randomly. You have to earn it.

It is a community of book bloggers. Interact with them. See their blog. Talk with them in the comment.

The more you know them, the more your blog will be promoted.

It is like, if you have to be like them, you have to talk to them. It is not hard, you share an interest.

You discuss books, plots, setting, language, authors and all book related thing you cannot do with your muggle friends.

Word of mouth

traffic for book blog

Tell your friend that you have a book blog. Say it. Be proud of your blog, believe in yourself. Tell them to share it on their Social Media profile, WhatsApp them the link and ask them.

Why best friend exist anyway if not to bear your demands ??

Put a poster in your College, School or District Library.

A great way to get people to check out your book blog. It is not illegal to stick a poster on notice boards of college, there are still many of them there… Like sports, rent, lost and found…

Put yours there too. Make it look attractive. Ask any of your computer friends to make it.

Print some, and jam them to your district library. Ask librarian first, they will not reject the request.

Put this type of poster to your near bookshops. they will do it as you are their frequent customer.

Make little cards, not bigger, get them print and leave them in the books of the library as bookmarks.

These cards should be beautiful. Like visiting card. Printing visiting cards are not expensive. Or make yourself.

And people will find them inside the book, and you are not damaging library book in any way. You can even leave them at librarian deks, so when student check out the book, they can have them.

A library is a huge opportunity to get massive traffic for book blog and you should not miss them.

Bookmarks and Stickers

If you are rich enough, you can do this. Yes.

Bookmarks are not that expensive to create, nor the stickers. But still, they demand more money than a self-made visiting card.

Just design your bookmarks or stickers on Publisher or Canva, or take help of any of your friend to design them.

Everyone likes beautiful bookmarks and stickers, no matter if the person is reading or not.

NOTE: Don’t forget to put on the URL of your book blog on the stickers, cards and bookmarks.

Guest Post

Not only you are accepting other bloggers to visit your blog, you too are going to other’s blog. You reach to them.

You have an ARC. Your review is ready. Now, instead of posting it on your book blog, tell any of your favourite book blogger that you have an ARC review. Request them to publish it on their site. 

They will provide a link. Your blog will start to shine.

You can also feature other people post in your post, and ask them to share that post.

It will profit you both.

But before approaching for a guest post, surf their blog, and see if your style match. And don’t trouble them if they don’t reply. It happens, sometimes big bloggers don’t think small bloggers worthy of them.

Keep up the good work you are doing… On the other hand, it is the worst method to attract visitors.

Giveaway for Visitors

While many book blogger may frown on it, but it is a good way to promote your book blog. Many do it.

You can arrange a giveaway of book, bookmark, candles, book bags, dolls, and much more.

In return, you will get the social shares and traffic.

But this traffic is not permanent, they will leave you once they get the prize. But if done right, you may earn some loyal followers.

Some TIPS:

  • Don’t give what you want to give, give what they want to receive.
  • Make clear condition and policies for participation.
  • Promise there will be something interesting in future so your visitors keep coming back.

Book Blogging Directories and RSS

There are many blogger directories. You can submit your blog to them.

Directories are like telephone books, so when one person needs to find a specific topic related blog, they explore them. So do submit your blog at least in major directories like:


IndiBlogger gives rank to blogs and awards the best one. Members visit each other blogs and give stars to posts.

  • Blogglovin’

One of the best in the world. I am not expert in here, but I see bloggers generating a crazy amount of traffic from Bloglovin. I am just not ace of the Bloglovin.

They feature bloggers every week. The competition is low here. So in a way it is easy to to get traffic for book blog from here.

Please suggest the blogging directories you use, I will add them to the list.

There are many communities that are totally dedicated to book bloggers. Or book blogging is a huge category for them.

Regularly submit your posts there.


Keep your RSS feed on, so it gives a way to the visitor to read your blog through RSS feed.

And there is a huge number of people still using RSS readers.


At last, I would like to say that, these are basic ways to promote your book blog and get traffic for book blog, there are more in the market. I will keep adding the ways to this list.

If you like it, please bookmark it for future purposes, and subscribe so you do not miss latest articles.

Thank You.

Faizan Fahim

Hello, welcome to this blog. Just writing reviews of the book I like. Also, favorite quotes, poetry, memes, sometimes other topics too, but always related to literature. So join me on Twitter to talk to me.

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