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Book Review Seo everyone, that’s right *clap clap* Book Blogging SEO.

SEO of book reviews.  I am going to tell how to design your book review or any post that helps Google to index and rank it. There are some points you have to implement, and it will be done. You do not have to do anything extra.

I know many of you may know it already, but there are many that may get benefit from this. 

Does not matter on which platform you are, SEO process is same.

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What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process by which we design our web content in a way that can be easily understandable by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Design content means to write the content in a specific template that makes the content visible to Google.

Technically there are two types of SEO.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

I am only going to tell you about On-Page SEO here. That is, as a book blogger you mostly need to understand.

This is about the book review SEO.

Why SEO of Book Review?


The simple answer is to get visibility by a search engine.

Have you ever think if your reviews are on the google search or not?

For example, you wrote a terrific 1000 word review of “War Storm”, and then you searched “War Storm Review”, will you be able to find your review on Google?

Search this on google:

The result will tell how many of your post are index.

Indexing – To get the Post visible in a search engine is indexing.

SEO helps Google to list your review in its search result. The rank of your review depends on other factors too.


Now, if your review has indexed, it means it is there in search results.

If it is in first few pages, and there are huge people searching for that term, you can get traffic from Google.

It means new visitors that could become your subscriber. Also, you get regular visitors.


When Google see people going to your blog, through Google, Google feels that your blog is important. Thus it increases the value of your blog.

Book Review SEO

I know lots of people do book blogging on Free Blogging Platform, that’s why they are not able to use the tools, but that’s okay. You do not need any plugin or tools to do On-Page SEO of a book review.

on page seo for book blogging

Book Review SEO // Book Blogging SEO

Title Tag

The most important part. Start your title with the keyword.


Keyword: The Outsiders by S Hinton

  • Title 1: Book Review – The Outsiders by S Hinton
  • Title 2: The Outsiders by S Hinton – Book Review

You should go with tile 2.

It is important that you give priority to your keyword. You put it before everything else.

Other tips:

  • You can use “revised”, “updated”, “reread” type modifiers. They help.
  • The title should always be in the H1 tag.

SEO Friendly URLs

Difference between good URL and Bad URL in Book Blogging SEO

Difference between good URL and Bad URL

Here are few examples of URLs.


Which URL is best to use in book review SEO. Last two are good and can be used. Others are trash.

The permalink should not be much long or too short.

If you are writing a book review, insert the book title and author name. That’s it. If it is short, put book review too.

Use Multimedia

Do not just write text. Use various multimedia to make your review look pretty.

A mixup of Gif, Video, Images, and Quotes make page look enriching.

It makes the content engaging. The people spend time on your blog. That is a signal that your blog has quality.

Book blogging SEO

Use Headings in H2

First of all, please do use subheadings. Your title is heading1.

But use more heading i.e. subheadings.

Book review becomes easy to read.

I see long book review with no headings, and I do not know what para is talking about what.

Use paragraph, use headings. That makes the content looks good and easily readable.

Keywords in the First Para

Use the keyword in the first para of your blog. If not, use it in at least first 100 words.

This is necessary. This show that your blog post is actually about the term you used in the Title.

Also, most of the people will stop reading after first 100 words if they did not find the keyword soon enough in the post.

Many reviewers write a long intro. It is okay, do it. But drop the keyword somewhere in 100 words.

Use Mobile Friendly Design

Google hates those site that cannot be open on mobile.

So your site can never be in google search engine result if it is unable to load on phones.

Most of all, there are lots of mobile phone users, so of course, your site should be work on mobile too.

Mobile Responsive Design - Book SEO

Use mobile responsive themes and template.

Do check if your blog is mobile friendly or not.

Provide links

External Link

Not only you should be providing the link to your content, give links to other people too.

How it will help.

Let me explain.

You write a review of Cursed Child. You give a link to another article, say, critical analysis of Harry Potter.

This will be perceived as you are giving the high-quality knowledge to your visitors. It looks like your aim is to give good information to your visitor.

Google like this attitude. Also, when you give link, there are chances you will get a link back too.

But always give a link to quality content.

Internal Links

Check out Wikipedia. The perfect example of internal linking. Internal linking provide the visitor to visit more of your site. Hence increase the visit time. Good Signal for SEO.

Reduce Site Loading Time

You post a book review link to an FB group. But whenever someone clicks it, it takes a minute to load.

Would you wait a minute? Or you will simply close the link.

Site-SPeed- Book Review SEO

On the internet, people are impatient. Try to reduce the loading time of your site.

Check your site speed here.

Image Optimization

Never ever leave the alt text of an image blank.

And at least one of the image should be having the keyword as alt text.

Book reviewers ignore this, but it is important if you want your images in Google Images Search.

Google doesn’t read image, google read the alt text. Write something in that Alt Text box. It will do a lot well for book review SEO.

Social Sharing Button

There should be visible social sharing buttons. They should not be in hiding.

The more your content will get shares, the more it will get traffic. Traffic is itself an SEO signal.

Do not make visitors to search the sharing button, let that button hang there in a visible space.

Increase Dwell Time

Finally the dwell time.

The more time a visitor spent on your blog, the more it looks like a quality blog.

Hence the try to engage the visitors, try to make the person stay and browse on your blog for a while.

But how?

  • Give the person what he is looking for.
  • No False Title. No click-baiting, please.
  • Pretty Blog. People may stay for the aesthetic.
  • Quality content. The post is really informative.
  • Easy navigation. A visitor should find other posts easily.
  • No messiness. Keep it simple and honest. Helps in the long term.

Ask for Help and Tell

Finally, if you have any question regarding any of the point or anything related to book blogging or book review SEO.

Please feel free to ask in the comment. Also, tell how many points you are already implementing. 

Do you write as per SEO, or whatever comes to your kind?

Faizan Fahim

Hello, welcome to this blog. Just writing reviews of the book I like. Also, favorite quotes, poetry, memes, sometimes other topics too, but always related to literature. So join me on Twitter to talk to me.

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  1. Debjani says:

    This was a very informative post. Can you please suggest how to reduce site loading time? I’m using a free WordPress plan.

    • Faizan says:

      Hey Debjani,

      I checked your site.
      For free WordPress site, there is very less you can do.
      You can compress the images before uploading them. You can clear the widgets. You can go with a theme that shows excerpt instead of whole posts…
      But not much without plugins…

      The best option is to buy hosting and install free WordPress.
      It will cost you only 1100 Rs for a year.


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