Make your Book Blog Look Pretty with these FREE Blogspot Templates

Blogspot is a favourite platform for book bloggers. It is easy and simple to make a book blog on blogger. Lots of people do book blogging on WordPress, but Blogger is still the favourite for the new book bloggers.

I also suggest Blogspot, it is easy to manage, hassle-free and cost-free service. The best part is that you can make it as pretty as you want by installing the template. It is one thing that you cannot do on WordPress. On WordPress, your options are limited if you are using a free WordPress. But on free Blogspot, it is limitless.

You will find so many blogger themes that you will get confused about which one to use.


This happened to me. I started surfing the templates and after a week I realize, I have seen hundreds of templates. And have not chosen any single one to install.

The problem is, the more option you get, the more difficult the selection becomes. But here I am going to list few Free Blogspot templates that will be a perfect fit for your book blog.

Wrong with default Blogspot templates?

You may think that why not using the default themes provided by the Blogspot.

First of all, they don’t look good.

Second, they are not unique, because many people may be using them as they are default themes.

Lastly, why not?

If a 5 Minute work done by you for your book blog, could make your book blog look extremely good and easily navigable, why should not you do it?

Benefits other than the look:

  • Speed: Your book blog will load faster because these templates are made to load faster. Speed is important for the SEO of the blog.
  • Navigation: The navigation to your blog would be terrific. Everything will be visible, and easy to go through.
  • Mobile-friendly: All the templates are responsive. It means, your site will load smartly according to the screen size.
  • Professional look: Instead of looking like a cluttered mess of widgets, your lovely book blog will look like a managed and disciplined. And people love aesthetically pleasing blogs.

BTW I am pretty sure that you might have seen a blog and thought ‘I wish my blog look this pretty’.

Well, it is easy, just download any template below and install it. DONE.  🙂

How to Install the theme?

If you know how to install, just click here.

If you don’t know, keep reading. It is simple.

I made a new blog on Blogspot, I will use that blog to carry on.

STEP 1: Make a Backup

Always make a backup before doing any changes.

It is not because the changes are risky, it is because your content is important that you should take precautions.

make book blog pretty

Click on the theme, make a backup. Save it wherever you want.

STEP 2: Upload the Blogspot theme

When you click on Backup, you get the option to upload a theme too.

upload a blogspot theme

Choose the file, and upload it.

Which file?

The file you downloaded, the template you want to install.

NOTE: You will download the Blogspot template in the ZIP, so you have to unzip the file. After unzipping, there will be documentation and XML version of the theme. You have to upload XML version.


After this, go to Layout option, do some customization and tweaks as you like.

If any problem happens, comment below. Or a DM me on Instagram.

Now let’s get to the list of Free Blogspot themes for book bloggers.

Make your Book Blog Look Pretty with these FREE Blogspot Templates

So, there is no book blogging template, like there are for fashion bloggers, or tourism bloggers, or food bloggers. 

Apparently, there are very less, and bad looking tbh, templates that are specifically designed for the book blogging purpose. And that’s why we take any template that we like and convert it to according to our choice.

Here is the list, good looking and customizable, and you can install them on your blog.

Common features of all the Templates:

  • FREE – They all are free.
  • From Trusted Sites
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive – Can load on any device
  • With Social Sharing Icons
  • E-Mail Subscription Widgets (few templates may not have, but can be put easily)
  • Easy to put Ads
  • Social Bookmarking Icons
  • Menu
  • All Browser Compatible
  • Fast Loading Speed

GreatMag Template for Book Blogging

Template for book blogging

Download  |  Demo

GreatMag template is a decent looking template. Clean and with minimal design, it looks clean and can be used for all general topics.

This template is not for any specific category. It can be easily adapted to a book blog.

Sora Book Blogger Template

Sora Book Blogger Template

Download  |  Demo

Sora Book Blogger Template is mainly made for book bloggers. There are not many Blogspot templates that are only for Book Bloggers.

You can use this template for a bookstore, book review, book publishing and any other book-related website. 

Orchid – Clean and Fashionable Template to do Book Blogging

blogger theme to do book blogging

Download  |  Demo

Orchid is fashion blogging template, but as I said you can change the title, and with your content, it will look like a book blogging template.

The main feature is the Instagram readiness. You can add your Instagram feed to any Blogspot blog, but in this template, you don’t have to do anything. Just put your username, and done.

Blogghiamo Blogger Template

book blog theme for blogspot

Download  |  Demo

Blogghiamo would impress those rare group of people who like brightness and yellow colour. With its minimalist design and bright colour, this template has a tendency to attract eyes.

Your blog name and the social pages would be on the top. The yellow colour is the USP of the template.

Marigold Template for Book Blogging

book bogging theme free

Download  |  Demo

Marigold template is the boldest of all the templates in this list.

With the blackberry black colour and the crystal cut design, Marigold template shows the elegance.

The sliding header is cherry on the top. Big thumbnails make it exciting and visually driven.

Clean Minimal Blog Template

clean minimal template for book blog

Download  |  Demo

If you are into the aesthetically pleasing design for your book blog, Clean is what you need.

You should look at the theme at least once. It is beautiful, perfect for love book bloggers. 

It is a perfect responsive and gorgeous SEO friendly and SEO optimized Blogger Template. 

Clara Fashion Blogger Template makes Blog look Amazing

Make your Book Blog Look Pretty with these Blogspot Templates

Download  |  Demo

Clara Template is the best option for the bloggers who make a blog around a single character or book. 

With three posts to featured at the top, the theme radiates warm feelings with its pink colour surrounding.

Cheer Up Book Blogging Theme

best book blogging template

Download  |  Demo

Cheerup is clean blogger template comes with premium design and it has the latest features like Instagram integration and amazing typography. 

The best part is thumbnail is actually a gallery. You can see all the image on the thumbnails. 

Check the Live Demo of this graceful theme. The menu part slides with the slider.

Gridz Responsive Template

Best template for Book Blogging

Download  |  Demo

This theme is full of Gridz. With slider with featured posts and a menu that show images, it is the richest template on the list.

Install this template if your a regular blogger and want to show lots of your latest posts on the first page itself.

TrueBlog Blogger Template

true blog book blogger

Download  |  Demo

Last but not the least, TrueBlog is the simplest of all. With black and white background, the TrueBlog template is good for your book blog if you don’t take much care of it. This theme does not require any special attention, once setup you just post.

It is so simple that it becomes amazingly neat.

The trick to Select a Theme

Maybe you will start browsing the free Blogspot theme. You will find thousands and thousands.

But never download a theme from the unprotected site or any site that looks suspicious.

Themexpose, Gooyaabi, Colorlib, bTemplates, Themeforest, they all are trusted template providers.

You may wonder why they are providing free themes, well, the get a link from you. Footer link actually. The link does not harm you or your blog in any way. It is like an advertisement.

You can easily remove that link if you have the tiniest knowledge of coding. But if you don’t worry. Let it be.

My point is, after looking at so many themes, you may get overwhelmed and get confused which one to select and install.

The trick is this.

Don’t look at the lots of themes. Just select anyone from the list.

The more you explore, the more you get confused.

Best of Luck with your Book Blog

If you have any problem or doubts, just send a quick message on Facebook or Instagram.

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