35+ Book Blog Post Ideas that will bring Visitors

This post about book blog post ideas is for the people who want some traffic to their blog.

Book Blogging is Fun but not everyone likes to read the book reviews.

I am going to provide some interesting book blog post ideas that book fan likes to read.

First of all, if you have not started a book blog, do it.

Book Blog Post Ideas list

The basic posts for most book blogs are Book Reviews. I started with the book reviews. Then most of the time bloggers move on to an author interview.

Then there are blog tours, book promotions, blurb releases, cover releases, book blog tags and let’s just start the list.

Book Review

Write an interesting book review. Don’t go for straight cons and pros. Give your writing a personality.

Maybe funny, sarcastic, or angry. Maybe thrilling, mature or Dickens.

I mostly try to write a review as funny as I can.

Because we all know, people do not like to read book reviews. You must be providing them with more than that.

Like the old saying in Marketing Management, a consumer does not only need a solution, he also seeks satisfaction. The satisfaction that comes when he gets more than he pays for.

A visitor should not only get the book review but also try to provide something interesting.

Get ARC’s from NetGalley. Get ARC directly from publication house.

Do the book review of the book before anyone else does, so in a way you provide the visitor with a brand new information, he cannot get from anywhere else.

Negative Book Review

You cannot do it on GoodReads, but on your blog, you have freedom.

Do complete hate review. Destroy the book line by line. RANT as much as you want.

Do not care about the fanbase, you do not like a book, you say it.

You say it loudly.

Positive Book Review

Write pages and pages on why you like a certain book. Or a series.

Like a long long post about a certain character and do love reviews.

Best Book Blog Post Ideas

Best Book Blog Post Ideas

Best Books

Yes. This is when you read lots of books with a variety of genre.

You can do

  • Worst books EVER.
  • Best of Y/A in 2017
  • Most horror.
  • Best of Horror in 2017.

You are the limit of making these bookish lists.

Best Characters

Let’s say today is father’s day.

What is the best idea to write today?

Best Father in literature.

Same goes for the mother, sister, friends, lovers, and even enemies.

Same is with series.

Favorite character from Harry Potter Series. Or LoTR series. Or Narnia Series.

You got the idea. Make Character Lists.

Best Book Quotes

Your favorite quotes from the book you just read.

You can do it on topic too, like.

Best Love Quotes in Y/A fiction or Best Sarcastic replies in Literature.

Make quotes wallpaper for desktop and mobile.

It is quite easy because of many applications in Play Store and Apple Store.

For Example:

Best Book Covers

The prettiest book covers. Make a collection post for the book covers you find most attractive.

Tell why you like them.

You can divide them into categories like,

Good looking cover of Romance

Thrilling Cover that gives goosebumps

How to?

book blogging post ideas - How To

book blogging post ideas – HowTo

How to Read?

This is a Question most of the people on Quora asks me.

The questions are like :

  • How should I develop reading habits?
  • Reading is boring, how people do it?
  • How can I read more classics?
  • I want to read fast but my vocabulary is not great?

You are seeing a pattern here. There are non-readers there who want to read but it is not as easy for them as it is for us.

So, write about reading. Make a schedule for them.

Recommend easy books to them so they can start.

How to Buy Books?

Beleive it or not, I have worked in Publication House, and most people do not even know how to buy books.

The new readers do not know what they need.

They come and ask “Do you have any book with a tiger in it, for 5 Year kid?”

You can do this. Solve the problem. Make lists.

  • What 5-Year-old kids are reading?.
  • Books if you are falling in love with your best friend.
  • Are you depressed !! Read this book.
  • Books every teenager should read.

So people can decide what they want. This type of post goes viral on social media.

How to review books?

If you have lots of experience in reviewing books, you can pass that knowledge to newbie reviewers.

They will always thank you.

Make a list of a topic to cover when reviewing a book review.

You can give that “Review Guideline” to them when they become your subscriber.

How to do Book Blogging?

It is what I am doing. But you also need a lot of knowledge in it.

You can’t give your audience the wrong information.

And you have to answer every question new book bloggers ask.

Book Blog Post Ideas - SHOW

Book Blog Post Ideas – SHOW

Show your BookShelf

Click pictures of your bookshelf and show them to your readers.

Ask them how to organise it. Ask them to share their bookshelf pics.

Show your library

Show your school library, or college library or your local library. Do shelf surfing and record it o camera.

Click pics. You can do an interview with your librarian.

That would be awesome.

Show yourself

Once in a while, you should show yourself. Or make a post on it. Post pics.

  • Pics of you doing book shopping.
  • Pics of you reading a book.
  • Or doing the Instagram shoot.

The point is you can make a post about yourself doing things. People will like you more.

Authors Interviews

For it, you must only select the author, you really want to talk about. By this way, you will have a more interesting conversation.

If you do the interview of an author you have not even read, well, it will be boring with the same questions like.

  • What inspires to write?
  • How you manage writer block?
  • Your favorite book?
  • But with your favorite authors or the authors you have read, you can ask more deep questions.

You can directly contact the author or through publication house.

Social media has made it so easy.

Fellow blogger Interview/Invite

Invite a book blogger to your blog. Interview them. Talk to them.

Collaboration works in a positive way for both sides if done right.

Compare books with them. Let them do the guest post on your blog.

Exchange merchandise and show it on your book blog. Make a video together and post it.

Podcast with Author or Book Blogger

You do not need to write a post. Do talk with an author on the phone. Record the conversation with permission.

Listen to the conversation and write the dialogues. Post the Podcast.

Same is with fellow book blogger. This is one of the great ideas for book blogging posts.

Talk about any book. Or Author. Or Genre.

There are lots of topic two book blogger can talk about.

Interpretation of Short Stories

Usually, I give the advice to stay away from short stories, because once you start doing them, there is no going back.

They are more addictive than heroin or meth.

But if you want to try, you can make meaning out of them. Short stories provide different meaning to the different person. People find what they want to find in them.

For example

You read and analyze them. You may think that you are not mature enough, believe me, you are. Short stories do not see your age.

Poetry Meaning

Everything I said about short stories is right for poetry too.

Start with Robert Frost or Rupi Kaur. Or anyone you find interesting.

Book Blog Post Ideas - Poetry

And what you think that poetry is saying to you.

What teacher explains is what actually writer wants to say, but what you get is what you want to hear.

So what you hear is you may write.

Or you can do yourself poetry and post it on your book blog. That is acceptable.

Cover Reveal

I don’t know why not many book bloggers do cover reveal with enthusiasm. I enjoy them doing it.

The cover provides a sneak peak of the story ahead.

If you zoom hard on the book covers, you can see things that many people ignore.

Queen of Air and Darkness Cover Reveal: COVER-SECRETS – While other fans saw two faces, I saw three on the cover.

This is called cover analysis. And it is fun to do.

You compare the covers with other book cover and try to reveal the secret of covers.

Snippets Reveal

yeah !! You know how many snippets Cassandra Clare Reveal before the book release. A lot.

Rick Riordan does the same thing. All the series writing authors do this.

Follow them on twitter or tumblr, or personal blogs. Make a separate post, writing all the snippets.

Character Analysis

This one needs a depth reading. A little bit of research and lots of bookmarking when reading a book.

You may need to read the book twice. But it is fun.

You can analyze a character.

  • What is the motive of your characters?
  • Where your character personality changed?
  • What is the character’s stand on various topics?
  • What will that character do in decision-making situations?

How does the character relationship changes and evolve with other characters during the series?

Jonathan Morgenstern Character Analysis

A complete research on a character. You can make it into an E-Book and publish it on Amazon.

Translations of Stories

If you are bilingual, it will be great to do it.

There are no copyright issues.

You take a story of any short story from one language and convert it too to another language.

You can learn lots of new words by doing this. It will be fun too. Think of the good you are doing by giving the international voice to the local folk tale.

Why the hell I never did this… I think I am going to do this, sometimes.

Writing Errors

If you are a person with deep eyesight, and you can see the common error people make when writing a book that can become a great topic.

There are many things you find common in Y/A Genre.

Read this She released the breath she did not realize she was holding.

This is funny and interesting. I a sure you can find this type of evil sentences.

Or You can take a serious approach. Say, John Green’s formulae of a book.

And then you could write about how John Green write the same type of stories with different character and setting.

Come forward on the adaptations

A movie based on books is also a field for a book blogger.

You can do a post that tells what is missing in the movie.

Or which adaptation is best of a book. Or how the series is going.

Like DIvergent series was going so bad that they did not make the third movie.

You can do this. What made the Divergent series loss their fanbase?

There are three adaptation of Hannibal, and various adaptation of Hamlet. You can compare them.

Give your opinion on the movies based on books.

Write yourself a Movie

Book Blog Post Ideas - my movie

You did not like the adaptation, you go on and write one for yourself.

  • Whom will you cast?
  • Which book would you like to be turned into a movie?
  • What will be the setting of your story?
  • What change would you like to make?
  • Do you have any director or you would do it yourself?

It is all in your mind. Get that out on your book blog.

Make a Playlist for the book

Every book needs a playlist. For different scenes a different background music. You can try to do it.

If you have a good knowledge of music.

Underrated Author/Books

Anyone know Kelley York. Or Tabitha Suzuma.

They are the author I read blindly. They are my fav ones. But nobody knows them.

You can provide the light with your book blog.

There are many writers who deserve to be popular, but their marketing strategy is just bad.

There are many good books you may have read but you get bummed when you see only 15 other people have read that book on GoodReads.

As a book blogger, you may do a post once in while for those underrated books and authors.

Answer your viewers

You readers ask a question to you in the comment section. You may answer them in reply. But there will be some question that will be repeating.

You make a separate post for them. Call it FAQ. Most of the time your viewers will be leaving the book blog post ideas in the comments.

Book blog post ideas

Your DNF list

Make a list of all the books you left unfinished and give a reason for each one.

Keep updating the list whenever you do not finish a book.

And yes, it is your right to not finish a book if it is not interesting.


You can do monthly wrap-ups. Or Weekly. Or Yearly.

What you do is you write your reading activities for a given period of time. You tell your readers, what you are reading, what you finished, what you plan for the future.


  • Do you read fanfiction? Why?
  • Why don’t you read them?
  • Your favorite fanfiction?
  • The grossest fanfiction your ever read?

Fanfictions are great book blog post ideas if you love Tumblr.

Cassandra Clare and E L Grey built their empire through fanfictions.

Make Awards

Your awards. Your blog awards.

Make a Google form. Ask your viewer which books they like most. Choose the top five.

Ask your readers to vote.

Your Ratings

What your ratings actually mean. How bad is one start and how good are 5 stars.

What scale you used. Why do you choose to use that scale? What is most important things you look into the book. What are those things that affect the ratings of the book?

A-Z Review

All the post links to your book blog in the same post. Like an Index table. Make easy for the viewer to find a blog post.

Book Review A-Z

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I come up with a Book Blog Post Ideas?

Look around yourself to find the interesting blog ideas. A single book can give you many ideas for your book blog. Read the article to find all the best ideas for your blog.

What are the most popular topics to blog about?

Most popular topics of blogs are usually the trending one. Like a new release book that has won a major literary award. People share the news worthy article.

What should you blog about?

You should write a blog post about the topic that excite you. The topic could be popular or boring.

What can I blog about to make money?

You can make money with every niche if you are popular. It means if you are getting traffic to your book blog, you can earn money from it.

How do I choose a blog topic?

Find a blog topic from the list, think about the last book you read or the last literary article. take inspiration from the other bloggers. There are number ways of to choose a blog topic.

Wrapping Up

Here is an infographic to help to find new Book Blog Post Ideas for you book blogging.

Book Blog Post Ideas Infographics

Book Blog Post Ideas Infographics

These are some book blog post ideas.

But I will keep updating the book post list.

Tell in the comments what book blog post ideas you like most. Or tell us what new and creative ideas you have.

Faizan Fahim

Hello, welcome to this blog. Just writing reviews of the book I like. Also, favorite quotes, poetry, memes, sometimes other topics too, but always related to literature. So join me on Twitter to talk to me.

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  1. Mag says:

    Very helpful for an aspiring book blogger!

  2. Great post, just wanted to point out that they adapted ALL the Divergent books to movies. Well the trilogy anyway, the spin off of Four wasn’t adapted. I’ve seen the films and read the books, honestly the films can get in the bin haha.

    • Faizan says:

      Thank you Chloe..
      I only have seen the 1 hour of the first movie.. they are really crap.. what do you think about the books ?

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      Hello Kajol,

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