How to Choose your Book Blog Name?

Name has powers.

I think Martin, Tolkien, Rowling, Riordan, and many other writers will agree with me when I say that.

Selecting the right book blog name is a crucial part of book blogging. It may not be important for you right now, but sooner or later, you start to doubt your decisions.

The only way to avoid that situation to take time before choosing your book blog name. 

Many times blog starter chose the name while making the blog. they never stop and think about how it could impact their blog in the future.

Then they realize it how wrongly they have picked up the name. People choose the name too awkward to pronounce, or too long to remember. Sometimes they choose an irrelevant name, often they pick up the most common blog names, and lose the uniqueness.

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What is Book Blog Name?

People think that the book blog name is the name of your book blog. They don’t look beyond the book blog.

The book blog name means the name of the whole front of your book blog, and everything related to it. Social media accounts, the domain name, the niche, and the attitude of the blog.

Sunkissedbookblog does have a different vibe than the bladebookreviews. Both of the names are showing a different personality. The personality of the brand matters when you have the target reads in your mind.

For example, when you think of the vampire fiction readers, what kind of blog name would be pleasing to them? A sunshineblog or a bladeblog.

Book Blog Name

Is the Blog Name is same as Domain Name?

No. Book Blog Name and the Domain name is different.

But it is wise to keep both of the same. It will be easy for the visitor to read and remember the name.

People often remember the name, instead of URL, or domain name. That’s why we write Title of our Post creatively. Because no one is going to read the URL, everyone clicks on the basis of the Title Name.

That’s why you need to check if the Domain Name is available for your Book Blog Name.

Why Right Blog Name is Important?

There is plenty of reason for deciding the right time for your book blog:

  • It would not look good if you changed it later, you will lose the readership.
  • You may not find the Social Media accounts and Domain name for your Blog Name.
  • If it is awkward, you will not feel good telling anyone about your blog.
  • You need to think of long-term, your blog is not for a short period. Is it?

Going with NoseGraze words: Source

I decided to change the name of my blog. BookNook is now Nose Graze! I wanted something unique and memorable so that when people search for my blog to find it, they immediately find my name at the top and no others.

They say All the Best Swords have a Name. Well, all the best blogs have the best names too.

What is yours?

How to Name your Book Blog

Type of Name

There are two ways you can select the name of your book blog:

  • Unique Branded Name
  • Keyword Rich Name

Both types have different advantages and disadvantages.

Unique Branded name:

Uber, Cojective, Sonique – When you heard these words, what comes to your mind?

Nothing. Because these words do not have any meaning. They are unique and solely represent the Organization and Individual they are attached to.

These unique fresh words are called Unique Brands names. You can make any random combination of a word to create a word and can name it as your book blog name.

Here you get the chance to choose to select a creative name for book blogs.

How to do this:

  • Join two words make one word – YouTube (two whole words), Pinterest (two overlapping words)
  • Create new word by wrong spelling – Wrogn, Flickr
  • Try a different language, a part of a foreign language, a part of local vocab. – Vox, Nike
  • Try unrelated words – Book Garden, Literary Strider

Creating Book Blog Name Infographics

Advantages of this method:

  • Unique name and fresh word
  • Easily available Domain name and Social Media names
  • Freedom to be creative

Disadvantages of the method:

  • Branding is hard work
  • May not relate with your readers

KeyWord Rich Name:

Now look at these name – Horrorbooksblog, TMISource, JohnGreenQuotes, JamaicanLit

They all have words in their name that people search for. People search for John Green Quotes, and you have a blog totally around it. is a good example of it.

How to this:

Find the keywords people are using to find your blog. For that, you have to decide what niche you want to work on.

  • Romance- If you go with a romance book, you can go with a romance writer specific blog.
  • Horror – There could be – HorrorLit, or ScreamingBooks, BestHorrorReads
  • Thriller- Check the result on Google and see search suggestions to find out what people are looking for.

Advantages of this Method:

  • Readers Targeted
  • Tell what the blog is about
  • Can rank fast

Disadvantages of this method:

  • Domain Name is hard to find, as Social Media names are
  • Competition in Blogging
  • Specific Niche targeted

Characteristics of good Book Blog Name:

  • Short

The shorter the name, the easier to remember and say it. It will help you in the long term.

Like if you going to make Stamp or Stickers for your Book Blog. The short name means less cost.

  • RSTP Rule

Your blog name should be easy to Remember, Spell, Type and Pronounce.

RSTP rules work for lots of places, but you should not overlook while choosing your book blog name.

  • Catchy and Spicy

You know what I mean by catchy and spicy.

Like Kaz Brakker – One of the most scissor names I read. Thanks to Six of Crows.

  • Ethically Acceptable

Sometimes we made words, unintentionally, that are offensive in general. And we do not realize it until someone tells us. 

Just search the name on Google. You will find if it is offensive or not.

Tips to choose Best Book Blog Name:

Here are some tips that will help you to choose a good book blog name.

Don’t Rush

You do not want to regret your decision, so please, take your time to decide.

Think over it.

Check if the domain name is available or not, check if social media names are available or not.

You would not like to change your blog name later, it will ruin all the efforts you did for your book blog.

What if Tumblr changes his name, it will surely impact branding.

No one can stop you from changing the name in the future, but prevention is better than the cure. Instead of rushing to create a blog name in a minute, think over it for a day.

Give it time, and it will come.

Short is Best

Short is always better than long names.

The small book blog’s name is easy to remember, spell, and pronounce. Also, it makes a great impact on your overall SEO of a book blog.

Long names look messy, and no one wants to type them.

Agirlwithherhorrorbooks vs girlnhorrorbooks vs girlithorror

Not go much specific

Don’t go too much specific in the blog if you intend to grow out of it.

Like you start a blog for Agatha Christie books, you choose the name, PoirotReviews. But you get bored reading Poirot, now you cannot write anything else other than Poirot, because your book blog name suggests it is about Poirot.

It will be deception if you do write about other topics, and it does not look good. Going specific is good if you are like the topic a lot and ready to work on it. Like TMISource is doing.

Number and Special Character

Using numbers and Special Characters like hyphen or & is not considered a good idea.

If you going to have a number in your blog, try thinking again.

No copyright names

Don’t use copyright names as your book blog name. They may not do anything, but they always have the power to shut off your blog.

Are you ready to take that risk?

Name Suggestions for You

Here is a list of book blogs you can choose, or you can alter them as per your wish.

They are a general book blog related name, not specific to any target.

  • PageSurfer
  • PageHiker
  • BookMiss
  • BuukMyss
  • WordBrawler
  • LaidByLit
  • ReadingInsomniac
  • ReadersHack
  • TheBookStreets
  • ReadingCourage
  • ReaderRider
  • Readrama
  • FortOfBooks
  • Bookterest
  • TyrionList
  • BookRemembers
  • MemoryOfReader
  • BiblioSominica
  • BilboBiblio
  • BookPhilia
  • ReaderPhilia
  • BookNaama
  • WordGrids

There is plenty you can make just by doing some brainstorming. but you have to give time to it.

I will add more to the list. Until then you can contact me on Facebook or Instagram.

Faizan Fahim

Hello, welcome to this blog. Just writing reviews of the book I like. Also, favorite quotes, poetry, memes, sometimes other topics too, but always related to literature. So join me on Twitter to talk to me.

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