Update: I am not doing beta reading any more. Sorry.

I am doing Beta Reading

If you need a Beta reader, I provide beta reading services.

I have done it before, and I have a very good portfolio.

You can check it here.

Beta Reading Services

What is Beta Reading?

If by any chance, you are not aware of the term Beta reading, let me explain it to you.

A writer writes the book. Then he edits it. Or, we can say, he read it and re-read it. 

He tries everything to make the book finer.

But at some time, the saturation point occurs. At that point, the writer can’t read his book again to find problems.

To solve it, beta readers enter. They read the book of writer, and provide him a fresh look.

The best part is beta readers provide the perspective of a reader.

Are they paid or not?

There is various type of beta-readers.

Sometimes they demand money in exchange for the feedbacks. Many do it for free, because they have free time, and they love reading. Many do it for portfolio, and many do it for books.

It all related to quality. People who do good wants to get paid fairly.

How Beta Reading can help your book?

Beta-reader could help your writing by providing you the important feedback that was missing from point of sight.

There are many little-big, stupid-funny and glaring-hidden plot holes in the books.

With the help of beta reader-

  • You get important feedbacks.
  • Look at the readers’ perspective.
  • See what is missing or overdone.
  • Can improve before sending to Editor.
  • Gives you confidence in your book.

It is just the general benefit. You can have to use the beta reader as you want.

Some people ask beta readers a variety of question, and some ask for their general views.

How Good I am as a Beta Reader?

I am reading books for a long time.

You can see my GoodReads. And I have done lots of Beta Reading.

And all of the writers are happy with my work until now.

Check the comments.

What my Beta Reading Services Include

I will look into this.

  • Pace (according to the story, genre or scene/ lagging or moving)
  • Character (development/formation/traits)
  • Facts (date/events/objects/quotes/or any form of wrong facts)
  • Timeline (is the story is right on the timeline, are parallel stories syncing)
  • Writing style (is it fresh/attractive/confusing/do justice to the story/constant)
  • Flow (story is moving/jumping/skipping/intersecting parts)
  • Missing Parts (required information has been given or not/ story missing important explanations)

and whatever the writer wants me to focus on..

No grammar checking, punctuation or spell checking

Genres I accept

  • Y/A fiction (my strong point, I have read a lot of this genre)
  • Fantasy (also my strong point, and I enjoy reading this genre)
  • Psychological Thriller (I am also a psychology student, has read these subjects for 3 years)
  • Children’s and Middle Grade
  • Dystopia

For any other genre, send blurb and we will see.
Priorities should be given to Y/A and Fantasy.

Note: First chapter is free, so we can check if we sync or sink. Mail Me.



You can contact me directly on my e-mail id (iamfaizan20(@) or faizan(@) to ask my charges.

It depends on word count and how polished is your manuscript already… and how fast you need the work done.

But in the case of y/a, we can discuss..

Send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.

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