About Me – What I Watch and What I Do

My name is Mohd Faizan Fahim.

I like to read. Sometimes I write about what I read, well, a post every week is the minimum I can do.

I would like to do more but, I am not doing this full time.

This blog is not about books, but mostly about books.

I am developing it slowly and slowly. Too slowly lol. 🙂 

TV Series:

BIGG BOSS: EVERY Damn Season… I am a fan.

FRIENDS: Phoebe is the best.

SUPERNATURAL : come on, end it now… This is dragging


HANNIBAL: What is going on !! It’s stupid

THE IT CROWD: I’ve just finished my milk.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Team Yellow… Worst Ending


Breaking Bad: You are goddamn right.

SACRED GAMES: Papaji ko kese jaanta hai tuuu

Games of Thrones: Jaime deserves the throne

And many more,,, but I don’t remember all of them.

Cartoon Series:

FUTURAMA: Good luck I watched it

ONE PUNCH MAN: Where is trequel

DEATH NOTE: Chilling !!

RICK AND MORTY: Futurama but 18+

Daria: Cool, funny, Sad

Bojack Horseman: I C U

Family Guy: Left it

Suggest me some, similar to the one I like…

Book Series:

A long list.

But Top five are,

  • Harry Potter Series
  • The Mortal Instrument
  • The Hunger Games

Personal Info:

  • I did MBA from Jamia Millia Islamia University.
  • I am a graduate of Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.
  • Don’t know what more you expect to know me on the Internet.

I am an Aquarius.

Right now, I am working as content marketer at an IT company. But that is a boring stuff I do.

TIP: Read my reviews and you will know about me more.

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Social media:

I will do the book review.

But tell me before sending the book.

Do check my Book Review Policy Page before sending any book. Please Read It

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bookaapi  — ACTIVE

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bookaapi — ACTIVE not much.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faizanfahim/  — ACTIVE

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOZHLIBv7plFhT3GUwE7liQ — Sometimes

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/31697801-faizan — Active enough

Thank You.

Until then Read this passage by Anita Desai

Her eyes opened at this sight against her will and she looked around the room almost in fear. But it was dark and shadowy, shaded by the bamboo screen at the door, the damp rush mats at the windows, the old heavy curtains and the spotted, peeling walls, and in their shade she saw how she loved him, loved Raja and Tara and all of them who had lived in this house with her.

There could be no love more deep and full and wide than this one, she knew. No other love had started so far back in time and had had so much time in which to grow and spread.

They were really all parts of her, inseparable, so many aspects of her as she was of them so that the anger or the disappointment she felt in them was only the anger and disappointment she felt at herself. Whatever hurt they felt, she felt.

Whatever diminished them, diminished her. What attacked them, attacked her. Nor was there anyone else on earth whom she was willing to forgive more readily or completely, or defend more instinctively and instantly. She could hardly believe, at that moment, that she would Iive on after they did or they would continue after she had ended.

If such an unimaginable phenomenon could take place, then surely they would remain flawed, damaged for life. The wholeness of the pattern, its perfection, would be gone.

She lay absolutely still, almost ceasing to breathe, afraid to diminish by even a breath the wholeness of that love.