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This is a privacy policy page for the site, self-hosted on

  • All the content here belongs to me. You can know more about me at About Me page. If anyone reading this, the content on this site is same as on (my blog). But I have moved here with all my content.. so this is not plagiarism. I am going to delete that blog soon.
  • I will never edit your comment before approving them. That is for sure.
  • I do not sell information to any 3rd party. I will never sell your E-Mail address to any marketing organization, I collect them just to inform you about my site, now and then.
  • I use cookies so I can increase the speed up the site and can give you better experience. You can turn them off if you want from your browser setting.
  • I am not responsible if some person copy-paste my content somewhere else. I cannot stop that.
  • Some of image/gif you see on this site are not mine, but they are from Google image search.

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