The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop

The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop is surprisingly beautiful and the story is simply pleasing. It is honest pleasing and heartfelt. It melts like chocolate and tastes pure. I love reading kid’s book, they are so innocent.


Lots of Baseballs

The best part of the Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop is that Quinnen act to her age. The book I am reading lately has 11 years old protagonist but they behave like a Magnus Bane old. The Book Thief and Eve Green

In The Distance To Home, this is not happening. Quinnen act as 11 yr. old, behave, react, talk and get angry like 11yr. old. She feels jealous like kids do from their teen siblings.

That is the story too

Quinnen and her sister, Haley, they were like a best friend until one summer, Haley joins a camp where she meets new people. There she met Jack, and something starts. That bothers Quinnen a lot as Haley start ignoring her totally and Quinnen thought that Jack is stealing her sister. She starts hating him. Misunderstanding happens and at vacation, Quinnen does some bad impulsively. Then, Haley dies in an accident but Jack survives. Quinnen blames Jack. and Herself.

The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop

Every summer, the place host a Baseball tournament and families host players of Baseball teams. This summer, Quinnen’s family host a baseball player.
The story is of grief surviving family where a 11-year-old girl is trying to forgive herself. Quinnen is star pitcher of the local team but she does not play now, the reason for her family to host a player. Might be Quinnen start playing again. Quin starts covering the distance to home.

The story is simple, easy and perfect summer reads for 10-15 age groups.

The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop

The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop

No Romance

Second best part of the book is author did not create the romantic side of Quinnen. It is good as lots of kid’s book with so young characters start pushing love and romance. But Quinnen only loves Baseball. Also, her relationship with Hector (baseball player) is not of crush or admirer type.


Casey’s character is supporting but he is written so well, it provides relief to Quinnen and her story. He is a lovable character and he sticks even after the book is finished.
Like Quinnen, I did not like Brandon at first but finally, like Quinnen I started to like him. I hope he becomes the great pitcher of time, and I do not even know how Baseball game work.
Father of Quinnen is wow. He is superb and caring. Mother is like all mothers but her father wins the crown.

If you do not like sweet character but love reading stone and unmoving character read Susan Fletcher.

Writing of Jenn Bishop

The writing style is simple too. No metaphors, no long dialogues, no make-you-think type sentences, thank you very much. It is good to read something so refreshing where you do not have to a put lot of effort to understand the layers of words. It conveys a single message.

Mistakes happen. We all make mistakes.

I am going to follow Jenn Bishop. Lastly, thanks again for not putting romance in it. The book is better without it. The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop is making me stalk the author on GoodReads. Jenn Bishop is so attractive.

The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop

Drawback in The Distance To Home by Jenn Bishop

But what I do not like is Baseball knowledge, of which I am a noob and sometimes I do not get the terms characters are using. There a was the glossary at the end of the book which I noticed after reading the last page. No use. Not only terms but some action go over my head because of my illiteracy in Baseball sports, but I do not mind, the book is good and that is all matters.
But they could have put numbers or some sign on terms they explained in the glossary.

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