Should I Hate or Love

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5 Responses

  1. Thejas says:

    Huhhaaa! Very funny review. Dude, do you share this review with author? If yes, I want to know what’s their reaction?

  2. Kaavya P says:

    You know what, if some things or incidents haven’t occurred with you or anyone else in your teeny-weeny range of sight doesn’t mean they really don’t or rather I would say CAN’T (as you quoted ‘THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH’) exist. Words like “exception”, “unique”, “extraordinary” etc have been included in English language for such situations or people I guess. You’ll get it when you yourself be one someday hopefully!!
    Also I know the person whose story it is personally so to answer your query, sadly every theory of yours fails here as he’s leading very much normal life (including chasing criminals, writing poetries alongwith reciting them to his colleagues ;-)), but doesn’t seem so in your case coz really boy! You seem to be very frustrated with life and have found a way of venting it all out on these poor authors. And then tagging this frustration-venting way of yours as a HONEST reviewing. Serious SHOW OFF alert!!!

    • Faizan says:

      Hello Kaavya,

      Nice to know that your friend is living a normal life and I wish best of luck for his future.
      But here, I am talking about the book. And I do not see how that boy life turns up. It is the weakness of the book and writing. The writer should have written the transformation process and the struggles of it.
      Yes, I do not know any IPS officer, but I do know many people who suffered from mental illness and I have seen them struggling. And the journey to getting back to normal life is not as easy as it looks in the book.
      My reviews might be rude, but what should I do, I am really frustrated by reading this book. I was angry because the book makes fun of kids who survive violent environments. The story just used the fighting parents to create the sympathy for the character. A manipulative way to make your character likeable by making him a victim. A John Green’s way but John Green is a brilliant person.

      Again I would like to remind you that I did the review of the book, not of the personal story.

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