Detoured by Love

Detoured by Love is a same cancer love story I read many times. I am not going to talk much about it.

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Boy Girl Meet

Carly Lincoln works as a tourist organizer and then there is Bryant Garrity, injured and staying at the same hotel where Carly’s guest is living. Hero-heroine meets in a cinematic way and falls in love lust at first sight.

Bryant is a popular football star, and Carly does not want relationship. But of course how can you resist when such a rich and handsome man approaches you. But she still plays hard, and that make our boy harder in bones.

Romance at unusual places

As the story goes, they meet each other more. We get to know that there is some spark between Bryant and his father, but not much exploration is done by the author there. Same is with Carly’s previous relationship where she ditched her partner because one day she thought that she deserves to explore the world. Still that angle hangs in air for the sake of public sex.

You need a better love story, go with Flynn Laukonen : Bipolar Disorder Series by Tabitha Suzuma or Before You, After You or Midwinterblood, they all are awesome..

Cancer Start

Then I was thinking that this story needs cancer to move ahead, it happens. I was purely delighted at my accuracy of guessing the plot before 2-3 chapters.

And then I guessed more and all my prediction came true.

Usual Story

The girl did breakup for everyone’s good. Boy grinds himself into training.

But they cannot live without each other and girl’s relative’s advice her to not let go a rich person from her hands.

Then they kiss and the story ends with the promise of long-lasting love.

It was not good from starting to end. Sex and love talks, and thinking about each other.

Even jokes were not good.

GoodReads | Amazonir?t=bookaapifaiza 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B01N0B3HXE - Detoured by Love

Author GR


Blurb of Detoured by Love :

Bryant Garrity isn’t irresistible.
His lengthy resume of Heisman Trophy winner, number one draft pick and highest paid player isn’t all that impressive. The fact his chiseled jaw and mesmerizing blue eyes have probably made him Mr. Popularity from the age of five isn’t going to work on me. Not when I have goals—goals that don’t include finding myself on an all pro-football heartthrobs checklist.

Even Blurb is so same

Carly Lincoln is different.
I could go on and on about her dark wavy curls, her pouty pink lips, or her whiskey-on-the-rock eyes that reveal her truest desires. The fact she’s not impressed by my sports superstar aura like most women makes her worth more than a fling. But this year is my last shot at glory after crumbling to a mere mortal on the game’s biggest stage. My focus needs to be on the ring, not turning Carly’s no’s to yes’s.
Carly and Bryant’s paths are about to collide, and they better be prepared to fight for what matters most because life’s paths aren’t all sunshine and winding roads.


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Detoured by Love by Michelle Lynn
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