I am doing Beta Reading

If you need a Beta reader, I provide beta reading services.

I have done it before, and I have a very good portfolio.

You can check it here.

Beta Reading Services Include

I will look into this.

  • Pace (according to the story, genre or scene/ lagging or moving)
  • Character (development/formation/traits)
  • Facts (date/events/objects/quotes/or any form of wrong facts)
  • Timeline (is the story is right on the timeline, are parallel stories syncing)
  • Writing style (is it fresh/attractive/confusing/do justice to the story/constant)
  • Flow (story is moving/jumping/skipping/intersecting parts)
  • Missing Parts (required information has been given or not/ story missing important explanations)

and whatever the writer wants me to focus on..

No grammar checking, punctuation or spell checking

Genres I accept

  • Y/A fiction (my strong point, I have read a lot of this genre)
  • Fantasy (also my strong point, and I enjoy reading this genre)
  • Psychological Thriller (I am also a psychology student, has read these subjects for 3 years)
  • LGBT (Nico De Angelo and Alec Lightwood are my favorite characters. Do I say more ?)
  • Children’s and Middle Grade
  • Dystopia

For any other genre, send blurb and we will see.
Priorities should be given to Y/A and Fantasy.

Note: First chapter is free, so we can check if we sync or sink.



You can contact me directly on my e-mail id (iamfaizan20(@) or faizan(@) to ask my charges.

It depends on word count and how polished is your manuscript already… and how fast you need the work done.

But in the case of y/a, we can discuss..

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