About Me

So you want to know about me,

My name is Mohd Faizan Fahim. I like to read. Sometimes I write about what I read, well, a post every week is the minimum I can do. I would like to do more but, I am not doing this full time.

This blog is not about books, but about many things. I am developing it slowly and slowly. 

TV Series:

BIGG BOSS : EVERY Damn Season… I am a fan.

FRIENDS : Phoebe is the best.

SUPERNATURAL : come on, end it now… This is dragging

THE BIG BANG THEORY : Sheldon + Penny – Leonard

HANNIBAL : What is going on !!

THE IT CROWD : I’ve just finished my milk.


Cartoon Series:

FUTURAMA : Good luck I watched it

ONE PUNCH MAN : Where is my sequel

DEATH NOTE : Chilling !!

RICK AND MORTY : Futurama but 18+++++++

Daria : Cool, funny

Suggest me some, similar to the one I like…

Book Series:

A long list.

But Top five are,

Harry Potter Series

The Mortal Instrument

The Giver

The Hunger Games

Personal Info:

  • I am doing MBA from Jamia Millia Islamia.
  • I am a graduate of Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia University, situated in New Delhi.
  • Don’t know what more you expect to know me on the Internet.

I am an Aquarius, Hufflepuff, and a Targaryen supporter. 

TIP: Read my reviews and you will know about me more.

About Review:

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I will do the book review. But tell me before sending the book.

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